Meet Aparna Nayak – The author of Hindustanisakhisaheli

Aparna Nayak has shared 20 best Non-Vegetarian Indian recipes in her book, Hindustanisakhisaheli: Healthy and easy step-by-step recipes with photos – 20 best Non-Vegetarian Indian recipes . It is a treat for non-vegetarian foodies all around the world. Let’s get to know her love for food, passion for cooking, among many other things in this conversation.

Anki: I would like to start our conversation by congratulating you for your book, Hindustanisakhisaheli: Healthy and easy step-by-step recipes with photos – 20 best Non-Vegetarian Indian recipes. How did the idea of publishing a book about recipe come into your mind?

 Aparna: I am kind of a bookworm and I love to read books. The second thing I love doing is cooking and experimenting tried and tested recipes with my family. Earlier, it was with my mom, dad, and sisters and after marriage with my husband and son. The best thing is that they always like the outcome. However, I have always been a follower of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and always tried to imitate him. I never thought of sharing my cooking passion through blog ,which actually came to my mind when I read other bloggers and their passion for cooking and somewhere I felt the connection. So, one day, during a conversation with my husband with a cup of tea, I just jumped into this blogging world. After some time, I found that it would be great if I have something in front of me on my fingertips at one place and the best recipe of all time from my blog. Also, I got lots of request from my food recipe lovers to publish them in one place that will be easy and no brainer.

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 Anki: Why did you choose to share the recipes about non-vegetarian dishes specifically? Do you prefer non-vegetarian meal over a vegetarian meal? Or do your guests rave about your non-vegetarian meals more?

Aparna: No, there is no preference but yes my food recipe lovers wanted me to publish non-vegetarian one as early as possible.

 Anki: If you could publish only one recipe in your book, which one would it be and why?

Aparna: I would say very difficult to say because all the recipes, which I shared in this book, are the most popular among my food recipe followers, but to answer the question, I would say Mutton Samosa.

 Anki: Many chefs claim that preparing food is a kind of meditation to them. Do you relate to this thought process? If you could describe your state of mind while preparing a dish in one word, what would that be?

 Aparna: Yes, I agree. But for me, it’s about creativity, passion, and love for food and cooking.

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 Anki: What are the three most important ingredients while preparing a non-vegetarian Indian dish?

 Aparna: Curd, Garam masala, and Salt

 Anki: In your opinion, is there any highly underrated spice? Also, what would be one spice that you feel is overrated?

Aparna: I don’t think so because in our Indian cooking all spices have equal importance as there is no alternative to any single one of those.

 Anki: Now that you have published Hindustanisakhisaheli: Healthy and easy step-by-step recipes with photos – 20 best Non-Vegetarian Indian recipes, when can we expect a second book from you?

Aparna: This is exclusively for you. My next book will be your fav one: Hindustanisakhisaheli: Healthy and easy step-by-step recipes with photos – 20 best Vegetarian Indian recipes

Ooh, you’ve gt that right. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, and very recently, I have started cooking my own food. So, you can imagine my excitement towards your next book 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to have this amazing conversation with me. I wish you all the success with this book. Can’t wait for the next one to be out!

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