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Notorious in a Kilt (Hot Scots Book 5) by Anna Durand is a sizzling romance tale of Rae Everhart and Iain MacTaggart. However, this romance is not as simple as it sounds. Iain was Rae’s college professor when they fell for each other. Their feelings grew stronger each day until they slept together, then the hell broke loose. After this fateful night, Iain was nowhere to be found and soon after that, Rae found out that she was pregnant.

Iain’s abandonment created some serious trust issues in Rae; nevertheless, her selfless love towards her daughter, Malina, helped her move on. Now, after thirteen years, Rae has no interest in romance. Being a single mother, she has different priorities, which do not leave time for any other distractions anyway. So, when Iain makes a sudden come back into her life once again apologizing and claiming to be in love with her, she is unable to trust if there is any sincerity in his confession.

A Sneak Peek into Notorious in a Kilt by Anna Durand

Although Notorious in a Kilt by Anna Durand is filled with vivid sexual encounters, the plot of the book has a certain depth to it. These scenes are spontaneous and are in no way flimsy. There is a constant psychological conflict that Rae goes through the moment Iain re-enters into her life. Rae is a woman who wants nothing more than to protect her daughter, and this makes her want to push Iain away. Nevertheless, since she never stopped loving Iain, a bigger part of her heart wants to spend her life with him. Even if, for a nanosecond, she lets her emotions win over her need to protect her daughter, how can she trust the man who abandoned her thirteen years ago? All these conflicts, emotions, and questions are woven beautifully around an erotic genre.

Book Cover of Notorious in a Kilt

Iain’s Scottish charm increases multifold with his usage of German, French, and Gaelic words here and there. Only an experienced and talented author can bring so much variety in a genre that is all about the physical aspect of romance. Anna Durand’s Notorious in a Kilt (Hot Scots Book 5) would appeal greatly to the readers of erotic romance. There is some secret to be revealed until the very end, which keep a reader on the edge of the seat. The narration is very much in sync with the genre. Sizzle-seekers would be more than content with this well-written book.

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