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Experience of First Solo Trip is the second exciting and fun contribution to my blog by my dear friend, Ankit. If you have not had the opportunity to read his first post, A Lot Like Love — My love affair with my Manager, then you really are missing out on an incredible piece of a real story. Trust me, you are in for a raw and gripping read. The writing is all him; I have only done a quick round of proofreading, presentation, and added a few pictures. Enjoy!

About Author - Solo Trip

What Inspired Me to Take a Solo Trip?

Since losing my job after having a corporate quarrel with my Boss, things were going haywire in my life. I became unemployed all of a sudden, my fiancée broke up with me and I was going through a low phase in my life. Not knowing what to do, how to do and how to settle the things falling apart, I was pretty disoriented — to say the least. Since I had nothing to do, I started spending my time by chatting, surfing and watching YouTube videos. Listening to bullshit songs of Dhinchak Pooja to Somvati’s “Halo friends Chai pilo” to BB ki vines. I was thinking like what’s going on with the people in the world around. Suddenly, I saw the suggestion list of a channel named ‘TRAVEL INSECT.’ To my surprise, it was none other than my very own college friend who had started posting his own Travel V-Log with more than 3K subscribers. After reading his follower list and comments in the section, I decided “Mujhe bhi karna hai”. (I want to do it). Day in and Day out, I kept thinking that maybe I have found the real passion of my life….;-) (presumptive obviously)

Bored - Solo Trip

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

A New Discovery About Myself

So, after reading a few travel blogs and taking some tips from it, I was all set to rock the world with my Travel vlog. After buying a pro-cam and equipment to shoot…it was time to decide the destination. After browsing through a few spots, I decided to be close to nature, so I chose to do a trek to Kareri Lake, near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh with a very meagre knowledge of how awesome my trip was going to be. I took an HRTC bus from Kashmiri gate, capturing the shots at the stops on my way, interviewing people on camera asking their experiences, I was thinking wow it’s all so simple. Next morning, when I reached Dharmshala, It was time to meet Funny Bhai — my trek guide who was going to take me to the top spot. I decided to stay there for 3 days and take a halt between to shoot
mother nature and share my experience with all my viewers. All geared up for my journey, I opened my cam and started recording. During the first 30 minutes, it was all ok then came the part, where I had to climb through all those rocky mountains. I started gasping for breath, which Funny Bhai found extremely amusing and started mocking, “Kyu Bhaiya Ji, itne me hi thak gaye. Abhi to trek shuru bhi nhi hua”. I thought abhi jo upar chad kar aya, toh wo kya hai:-(. 

Fear of Heights - Solo Trip

Photo by Dardan on Unsplash

After a few climbs upwards there came the real challenge. We started crossing a Ditch passage where one side was covered by hills and on the other side, I could see the road, which I had passed during my journey up till now. Here, I discovered the new side of myself. I was a guy who could Jump into the Swimming pool from the height of 30 feet but was so scared to even look down. I started cursing myself, “Saale kis manhoos ghadi mein thuje ye trek ka khayal aaya.” And on top of it, Funny Bhai said, “Bhaiya Ji, neeche dekhiye, aur iss view ka photo lijiye kitna beautiful hai.” And I was thinking, “Ha tu toh bolega hi paise jo lene hai tujhe, mujhse puch kya halat hai meri.” (U want my money only, ask me what I am thinking right now).

A Brand New Challenge

Chalo, after crossing a few spots and drinking a bottle of water and energy drink I started to find some place to relieve myself (you guessed it right, what I precisely mean). I asked my guide if there are any Public facilities nearby, which he found very funny and added, “Bhaiya ji, nature ke pass aye ho, khula maidaan hai kahi bhi halke ho lo.” His “helpful” advice sent my body into shivers, and I thought how would a sophisticated guy like me do such filthy acts. I was not going to do it. Anyways, I managed somehow for the next few hours. We covered almost half of our trek to the top and
decided to set up our camp for the day. It was time for dinner and I had yet to vacate myself. I again asked, “Bhaiya ji, is there any spot to lighten up?” But, to my dismay, I got the same response. Now I could completely imagine the situation of Bhumi Pednekar from the movie Toilet – Ek Prem Katha (an emotional movie, which I had found funny at the time of watching it). Long story short, with no other way around, I had to succumb to the pressure and muster up my courage by inspiring myself with one dialogue of Smt. Vidya Balan: Jaha Soch waha sochalya. Nevertheless, I failed to do so.

Achieving Nirvana

Then I got ready the next day to climb to the top, shooting the scenes and capturing the moments, we got close to a temple. I asked Funny Bhai, “Why is there a photo of a person hanging inside the temple?” To which, he replied, “Bhaiya Ji, Last year yeh ladka solo trip par trek karne aaya tha. While returning, he was struggling to breathe and died on the spot here, where you are standing right now. So, people have built a temple to pay their homage.” With all my body aching since yesterday and my continuous struggle to breathe, every now and then, I thought ab mera number hai kya? (Is it my turn now?);-(  Ek to phele se I’m in such a huge pressure, now this! Bacha le mujhe rabba. Abhi toh maine duniya bhi naa dekhi 😉 Chalte-Chalte, I finally managed to reach the top. After all the struggle I had been through, I sat to relax and enjoy mother nature, which I hadn’t realized to be so beautiful, calm and serene. While viewing the scenery from the top, I suddenly saw a Blue Tin Shed and asked, “Ye kya hai?Funny Bhai smiled and replied, ”Bhaiya ji, aapke matlab ki jagha hai (you guessed it right).” And I was so ecstatic with his response that I joked, “Bas kar pagle rulayega kya.” Finally, I relieved myself from the pressure I was going through and felt like Amitabh Bachchan from PIKU movie. Singing and chatting with other trek mates around the bonfire, I felt remarkably relaxed and rejuvenated. Perhaps, it was for the first time I was actually happy. Sitting close to nature in the night, singing and thinking how peaceful it was to be somewhere away from the world where you are on your own.

Bonfire - Solo Trip

Photo by Jonathan Forage on Unsplash

The Ultimate Realization

But did I accomplish what I had set out to achieve? Maybe not! Maybe, it was not who I was; Maybe, it was not what I actually wanted to do. Realistically speaking, it was not My cup of tea. I had yet to start my journey. I realized from this experience that yes, I could start afresh now and get back to my feet again. What I only need was to take some time to heal myself from the situation I was going through.

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  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    A solo trip is quite an experience, Ankita! I would love to do that someday too and write about it. Sounds too good to be true though!

  2. Beautiful! Solo travel was one of the best decisions of your life. Keep exploring. Keep doing what you believe in. All the best!

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