MyGlamm Makeup Review

MYGLAMM product caught my attention from Instagram. Their PR team is doing an excellent job of promoting their products. Everywhere I look, there it was. Needless to say, the makeup lover side of me could not resist the temptation of trying their range. It would be unfair to say that only their marketing strategy got me curious; the uniqueness of their products and mesmerizing packaging played a big part in driving me to loosen my purse strings — not that those need a lot of persuasions. Let’s not get into the logic that nudged me towards making a purchase and focus on my experience.

MyGlamm Review

MyGlamm Scrubilicious – Lip Scrub & Colour Enhancer

From the day I saw the ad of MYGLAMM’s Lip Scrubilicious, I knew that my life would never be the same. Scrubbing lips, for so long, had been kind of a messy affair. Using the tips of my fingers to take the lip scrub and then rubbing it gently on my lips. Then suddenly, MyGlamm changed the game. This lip scrub comes in the form of a stick (similar to a lipstick). You just apply it like a lip color, massage your lips gently, and then wipe off the excess. The easy handling of MyGlamm’s Lip Scrubilicious has made lip scrubbing an absolutely delightful addition to my daily skin care regimen.

A beautiful packaging and ease of application can only take a product so far if the performance is below average. Fortunately, this is not the case with MyGlamm’s Lip Scrub and Color Enhancer. It is positively effective. It removes all the dead skin from the lips, leaving them soft and nourished. Before applying a lip color, I ensure that  I do not have dry and chapped lips. Scrubbing lips plays a vital role in achieving this goal. And scrubbing with MyGlamm’s Scrubilicious Lip Scrub & Colour Enhancer is super convenient.

MYGLAMM All Eye Need 3 in 1 Primer Base + Eye Shadow + Highlighter

There was an offer when I purchased two of the MyGlamm Products, and I got MyGlamm’s All Eye Need 3 in 1 Primer Base +Eye Shadow + Highlighter palette free. Lady lick must have been by my side that day because this product is a divine blessing. Exaggeration? No.

Many times, we forget to apply primer as a base of our eye makeup. By adding the primer in All Eye Need Palette, MYGLAMM has almost mandated its usage. Priming up the eye before applying the makeup ensures that your eye shadow would have an excellent base, which would give you the intended color. Also, primer guarantees that the eye makeup would last for a long time.

Showcasing the Inside of MyGlamm All Eye Need Palette

Now, your primed eyelids are ready to be colored by the beautiful Eye Shadow color of MyGlamm All Eye Need Palette. The color is highly pigmented and gorgeous. It takes just a stroke of the brush to pick up the stunning shade. If I had one suggestion for MyGlamm All Eye Need Palette, then it would be to include at least one more color to make it absolutely travel ready. Just one color would not do the trick.

I gave the Eye shadow a much needed gradient look by applying highlighter to the inner corners of my lids. This created a soft and striking shade. This reminds me to praise the highly pigmented and illuminating highlighter of this palette. I am impressed by the effectiveness of the highlighter of MyGlamm All Eye Need 3 in 1 Primer Base + Eye Shadow + Highlighter Palette.

MyGlamm All Eye Need 3 in 1 Primer Base + Eye shadow + Highlighter Palette

MyGlamm Glow to Glamour Shimmer Powder & Fixing powder

To be frank, I had never used a Fixing Powder and/or Shimmer Powder before being drawn towards MyGlamm Glow to Glamour. This product has two layers:

  • A Shimmer Powder
  • A Fixing Powder
MyGlamm Glow to Glamour Shimmer Powder & Fixing powder

Just look at the beautiful packaging, guys! I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with it. MyGlamm has provided pads for applying the powder in both the sections of MyGlamm Glow to Glamour. This pad is so cute and soft that I couldn’t get enough of touching it. On top of the foundation, I applied Fixing Powder. It instantly removed all the oiliness from the face. Overall, my skin is dry but I have certain oily parts on my face, so it was pretty cool to see the unwanted shine disappear.

MyGlamm Glow to Glamour Shimmer Powder & Fixing powder

And the Shimmer Powder is so incredible that I can’t sing its praises enough. Be very careful not to over-sprinkle it on your face, or you’ll definitely turn heads — not in a good way. All the golden glow on my face in the shot above is due to this magic powder. MyGlamm Glow to Glamour would definitely make you glow like a diva.

MyGlamm Lip Scrublilicius Lip Scrub as the base. On top of it, Victoria's Secret Scandalous shade is applied. Eye Makeup - Colorbar Liner + Myglamm All Eye Need Palette. Face Makeup - Foundation + Myglamm Glow to Glamour Fixing Powder + Shimmer Powder

That’s all for today, my dear friends! Brighten up the world with your presence, and put on a little makeup to really glam up the planet 😉

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  1. Julie Coons says:

    You’re such a natural beauty you don’t even need makeup!

    1. Mojito With a Twist says:

      You are so sweet <3 Your comment reminded me to be in touch with you. Please forgive me. I got caught up in so many things. I'll talk to you very soon. Sorry for being so ignorant.

  2. BellyBytes says:

    Hmm. I am keen on eye make up and always wondered why my eyes don’t look great. I know why. Stinting on the base make up is not a good idea. Thanks for this tip. I love the way you’ve applied your make up.

  3. This is a great review, I have heard a lot about myglamm but never tried it because of super sensitive skin.

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