One Cleanser/FaceWash that I Swear By #Olay

Olay products, I have observed, deliver whatever they claim. When my mom used Olay’s anti-ageing cream, that time, too, I noticed how well the product worked on her skin. Her skin had become dull and fine lines were too prominent. But within a few weeks of applying Olay’s miraculous cream, her skin became good as new 🙂
After seeing the wondrous results, I, too, picked up several Olay products. Trust me, I never regretted my decision. So, when Olay launched its Regenerist range, I had to try ASAP. My favorite product in the range, which showed instant improvement result, is Olay Regenerist Revitalising Cream Cleanser. Like everybody else, I have tried many brands of face wash, but I never gave those a lot of thought. After all, their one job is to clean away the impurities from the face and that doesn’t seem like a very difficult job — does it? People used to use clay and other natural ingredients in the old age and they turned out fine. However, after using Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser, I realized the error of my ways 😉

Yep, Squeezed it All Out 😉

Although this Revitalising Cream Cleanser only claims to clean and smoothen the skin without over drying, it delivered much more to my skin. The cleanser has a scrub like particles, which, I believe, are oxygenated derma-beads (as per the packaging description). Just taking a good amount of the cleanser (not a pea size quantity, take as per your face size) and gently massaging the skin in a circular fashion resulted in a glowy, soft, and happy skin. I could actually feel that my skin was properly cleansed. As promised, it did not dry my skin. As is evident from the pictures, I have finished this pack, and I am ordering the second pack at a supersonic speed because this face wash, according to me, is too good to let go.
Check Out the Ingredients

Share your own experience with the product. I can’t wait to know how it worked for the majority.
P.S. My skin type is dry.

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