If Family Matters, Who is in your Family?

This subject is really close to my heart. Every time I hear the proverb, Blood is thicker than water, my brain wanders. I am neither denying nor accepting this proverb. Nevertheless, I have seen the “water” based relationships that have proved to be much thicker than any blood confirmed relationship. While some consider only their blood relations to be a part of their family, I am a strong believer in accepting my trusted circle of friends in my family. If I would go one thousand miles for my sister, I would not hesitate in going one extra mile on top of those thousand miles for my special friends. If I can laugh with them, share my saddest moments with them, be myself with them, trust them with all my heart, then there is no other test required for them to justify their position in my life.


The problem with the “water-based relationship” arises when your friend does not understand their place in your life. I may be singing my familial relationship’s saga at the top of my lungs, but if the said friend is having doubts and distancing themselves from my important decisions, then I have a branch in my family tree with their name on it while he/she has no branch with my name. We are on different pages and, in that situation, blood would be definitely thicker than water.


Before marriage, two people are strangers. When they sign a piece of paper, they start their own branch in their respective family trees. So, does a piece of paper decide that we are now family? Have we become so untrusting that until a person declares their feelings by signing a legal document, we can embrace them into our family? I have been rebuked plenty of times by my parents for involving my friends too much into my family. Although I understand the origin of their concern and respect them, I know that I cannot have filters in my relationships. Either I am too close or too far, there is no in between. If you are special to me, then there is a branch in my family tree with your name on it. Nevertheless, if you wish to be an outsider, just say the word.


To me, the stereotypes mean nothing. If friends can deceive then there are cases where family members have committed heinous crimes against one another. In the name of the property, several “blood relations” have gone down under. There is no guarantee in life that the person you put your faith in would not break your heart; similarly, there is no guarantee that the heartbreaker cannot be your own family member. There could be a person who understands you, participates in your important decision with complete dedication, prays for your well-being (if they are a believer), grieves with you, laughs with you, encourages you to be a better person, then that person (family or no family) must have a branch in your family tree.







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  1. kmcintosh says:

    Keep the people who love you and treat you well close. They are hard to find and a precious gift. I don’t see my best friend often, only about once every five to ten years. We live on opposite sides of the globe, but she is family because she has known me longer, deeper, and more truly than any one else. We have kept each other’s secrets and dreams, been each other’s rock and sounding board, and at times been each other’s mirror each telling the other to pull her head out of her bum when needed. Blood may be thick, but water surrounds me and I immerse myself in it.

    1. I couldn’t have put this thought any better. Thanks a lot for sharing your feelings on the subject 🤗

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