Nykaa GlamorEyes Liquid Eyeliner # Review #GoGreen

Nothing changed since I last talked about my obsession with colored eyeliners. After Maybelline’s ElectroShock Blue eyeliner, it was time to go green 😉 While browsing Nykaa, which is my favorite makeup shopping destination, I came across 03-Enchanting Forest shade of Nykaa’s GlamorEyes range and I was smitten. I liked the color and knew I had to try that.
The packaging of the liner is same as that of most others in the market. There is neither anything extraordinary about its packaging nor its brush; however, the color is really brilliant. It is a worth spending your money color that is sure to earn you several compliments.

Another positive aspect of this product is its lasting effect. I had applied a lot of moisturizer all over my face including the eyelids and then applied this liner. Despite the excessively oily lids, the liner smudged only a little bit. The price is very reasonable (299 for 5 ml). All in all, it’s a great product, and I would definitely try other colors of this range.

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