#Review: Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation SPF 15

I am an advocate of working on your skin so that you don’t have to apply makeup ever; however, no matter how beautiful the skin is, one can always use a tad makeup to create an illusion of “the face that launched a thousand ships.” You must have heard me using this phrase a million number of times. This is my favorite quote and I love using it unapologetically. Anyway, I can see a few blemishes on my face, hiding which creates a flawless image. That’s where a good foundation comes into the picture. Selecting a foundation has always been a nightmare to me because they all seem to create my face into no better than what it would look like if it was painted with a chalk. Strangely enough, they all highlighted my blemishes and defects instead of covering them. Therefore, I have been on a lookout for a foundation that neither makes my face all blood-drained white nor highlights the flaws that I didn’t even know existed.
After reading many reviews, I thought that Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation SPF 15 appeared to be a viable option for me and I purchased it. When I tried it, I found that the reviews held a lot of truth; however, how it looked on me depended on how I applied it.
When I dabbed it all over my face, it gave an almost even look. It did not provide a flawless appearance though. This is not a high coverage foundation. So, if you have a lot of blemishes or problem areas, this alone would not work. You would need concealers and color correctors to get a flawless appearance. On the second hand, when I applied the foundation in a massaging motion, it did nothing to hide my flaws. It didn’t highlight those either, but I was not happy. Therefore, I have decided to say yes to dabbing and no to massaging when it comes to this particular foundation.
The best part about it is that if you apply it correctly, it lasts for a long time (more than 8 hours) and doesn’t let dullness attack you. In fact, when I attended my cousin’s wedding, I applied this foundation at around 7 PM, remained in the function until midnight, went to my room to change, slept for about 2 hours, and woke up without needing a touchup. I shared this tidbit just to point out the longevity of this incredible foundation.
It is a viable choice for me because when dabbed onto the skin, it

  • lasts for a long time
  • hides any sign of dullness
  • produces an almost flawless appearance (light-medium coverage)
  • keeps the skin moisturized
  • doesn’t dry the skin
  • gives a little bit of glow

It is not viable for me because when it’s massaged into the skin (instead of dabbing), it

  • doesn’t do much for hiding the flaws
  • doesn’t protect the skin from looking dull after just a few hours

I would like to try some other foundations that give a high coverage and produce a glowing complexion, but that says nothing about the quality of Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation SPF 15. It’s a lovely product and is suitable for people who do not need a lot of coverage.
P.S. This post is not just review; it’s also in response to the Daily Post prompt of the day: viable.

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