An Extravagant Life or A Soul-Satisfying Life? #TheDailyPost


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When I read the daily post prompt of the day, Extravagant, I was strangely drawn towards many memories at once: my carefree childhood, the green-eyed monster’s attack on me when I saw a friend’s honeymoon pictures (FYI, she went to Paris), and a wave of frustration that hit me when I knew that I’ll have to turn down an opportunity to attend London Fashion Week.


My carefree childhood memories are filled with not bothering about what others were doing. I cannot remember if I ever noticed what brand the girl/boy next to me was wearing. All I remember are the moments that made me laugh. For instance, my best memory is how I, my sister, and my two cousins (yes, total four people) used to hop on one bicycle and happily go for a long ride. I don’t remember how expensive that bicycle was. In fact, I don’t even…

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