The Grub Fest Diaries..!

Without eating away your head with unnecessary details about this and that, let me just say that when I decided to attend The Grub Fest, I didn’t expect a fiasco waiting to suffocate me. I know I’m being too blunt but it seriously was a fiasco for me. The decisions that I took must have contributed to this result to certain degree: 

  1. Decision of going on the second day 
  2. Silliness of reaching there at 7:30 PM
  3. Selecting the day when everyone’s favorite (at least at the time of writing this post), Guru Randhawa, was performing

Anyway, there is no reason to cry over the split milk, so here are the main tidbits of the second day of the Grub Fest.
First thing that drew my attention was the numerous food stalls and their variety. There was nothing that you could not get to satisfy your food and, to an extent beverages, cravings. Even the most popular lounges and cafés had set up their stalls to attract the crowd. 

Other than food, Madame Tussauds’ preview area was an added attraction to the fest. The setup was really good. The entrance to Madame Tussauds created an illusion of a red carpet event. Inside, there were three wax statues to lure the audience: Hrithik Roshan, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez. All three statues managed to melt our hearts. Don’t hate me but I couldn’t recognize JLo’s statue 🙁 

There was music everywhere and there were people everywhere. Literally, everywhere! It seemed that whole NCR had opted day 2 of the grub fest to make an appearance. I couldn’t even manage to take a look at most of the stalls — let alone try them. It was way too crowded. I wish the organizers had thought about some way to organize and control the incoming crowd. All the charm of the grub fest lied in actually trying the food, but alas! that didn’t happen for me.
FYI, the concert for which I selected day 2 turned out to be a snooze fest. There is no doubt in my mind that Guru Randhawa is a beautiful singer, but he needs to work on his performer side. That’s enough said about an artist. I’m sure he’ll improve 🙂
One thing that kept my spirits high was THE BIG BOY TOYS area. OMG! They chose the best cars to be displayed in the arena and that white Mercedes stole my heart away 💕

All in all, lesson learned: next time, either go early to satiate your taste buds in the grub fest or get ready to breathe through your mouth (to avoid being suffocated by crowd and sweat).
That was my experience. Were you there and had a different experience? Don’t forget to let me know. À bientôt 😍

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