A Stole Can Change Your Look

It’s another work day. You are dressed up in your favorite trouser and a “fan-favorite” shirt. But you are not feeling good. Why not? You are in the clothes that make you look good. You know everybody loves you in this outfit. You know the colors are perfect for your skin tone. You know that the color coordination couldn’t be better than this. Yet, something is amiss. You are feeling bored. Worry not, princess! Throw a colorful stole or scarf on top of the shirt and out goes the monotonic look. You look fun. Your mood is suddenly uplifted. 
Don’t take my word for it. Try it. Wear any ordinary work wear and throw a scarf or stole on top of it and voilà ! You have just given yourself an exciting look. Just make sure that the scarf complements the overall look and doesn’t take all of the attention.

Don’t let the messy bed distract you!

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