One Crop for the Shy Girls!

Hey Fashionistas,
I hope you are doing fabulous. Today I want to discuss about something that’s on the mind of many people but very few are discussing it. Although crop tops are the latest trend, would I be comfortable showing that much skin in public? Well, the answer depends on many factors: the place, the people, the occasion, your comfort level, and your problem areas. 
To me, the biggest concern is my beer belly. I’m trying to get rid of it by drinking a cup of green tea every morning (I’m not an exercise person!). So, does it mean I’ll not embrace this trend until I lose the extra fat? Hell, no! I can’t wait that long — yeah, I’ve accepted that I may never shed this extra weight. The best idea to wear a crop top without leaving your comfort zone is to style it with a high waist bottomwear. Yep, it’s that simple. I’ll show you a few pics to really bring the idea home. 
Look at the same crop top with two different styles of skirts and it’s perfect with both of those.

With a leather skirt

With a pencil skirt

Let me know your thoughts! How do you rock a crop top? 

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