So You Think You Can Write #FridayReflections



This post is in response to the Friday reflections prompt of the week: Show Us Your Handwriting.



8 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Write #FridayReflections

  1. Sorry to hear you are undergoing a lot of stress. I can totally empathise. Changes in work routines are tough and especially when you have to work longer hours. I want to just say, I love your writing! There’s no way it’s messy. It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your handwriting and pouring your heart out.


  2. How is your sun sign related to your handwriting (if you consider it messy 😜. I’m also a Gemini 😛). And I’ve seeñ people with Messier handwritings, so that’s totally cool. Btw I don’t think your handwriting is messy. It’s just that software Engineers don’t write too much so our handwriting degrades with time.
    And people with Messier handwritings are considered intelligent coz they have too many thoughts too pen down.
    Btw project konsa mil Gaya ab ? Sad to hear there is no cab facility and you’re also working on weekends.


      1. Haha.. I am not very active on WordPress. But once in a while I check it. Working on weekends is one thing, what’s even worse is no cab in this scorching heat. 😐


  3. Love your handwriting and can’t tell how happy I am to see someone pour ink on paper. I do have a diary where I write from time to time. I was wondering about your sun sign was going to ask if you are a cancer like me…tab I saw Gemini. I am quite messy and handwriting keeps changing from small to big, depending on mood. Guess, Gemini and Cancer have quite lotsa similarities.


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