Book Review: Navy One by Pedro Vasquez

Experience how it feels to ride into a warship with the president of the USA in the political fiction, Navy One! Margaret Benson, the current president of the USA, is determined to earn herself another term of four years as her current term is coming to an end. Currently, the majority of the American population is not sharing her enthusiasm, as is evident from the poll results. She had promised the nation that she would “accompany the crew of the longest ever cruise to the Middle East on their return trip to San Diego..” In order to prove that she has kept all the promises that she made at the beginning of her term, she is finally going ahead with this promise, too. Little does she know that this trip would test more than just her political skills. While she is planning on winning the hearts of the American people, a few anti-social elements are on a mission to cash their lifelong dream of gaining access to whatever it is that they want.

The writing style of the author is very impressive. There are a few minor errors here and there, but one cannot deny that the author, Mr. Pedro Vasquez, has kept the book entertaining. Although the plot is mainly focused on politics and action, the author has sensibly included an emotional drama to change the mood. The president’s family is going through a family drama of its own, where Margaret is struggling to keep her son in check. She feels disappointed that Marc, her son, is not landing on her expectations, her husband feels that she is being too harsh on him.

There are too many navy related terms and designations flying around. As I do not have any means to validate the authenticity of navy-lingo, I am pleased to say that I did not find myself overwhelmed with all that. The main reason for the same is that the author elaborated the purpose of each role and meaning of each term to make the readers comfortable while reading Navy One. Because of this understanding, shown by the author, I found myself well-informed throughout the read.

Although each character of Navy One has a personality, I admired the characteristics of Margaret Benson the most. She is a headstrong lady. She knows what she wants and gives her all to it. She is struggling with her son, but she doesn’t let her family troubles affect her temperament — for the most part. Her dialogues are quite impressive. The author has definitely put a lot of thought into writing her dialogues suitable to a president’s personage.

I like the pace, plot, and characters of Navy One a lot. Nevertheless, I would recommend the author to put Navy One for a round of proofreading. Moreover, the formatting of my mobi copy did not seem very professionally done. If you are a fan of politics and action, you might be a potential reader of Navy One. Neither politics nor action comes naturally to me; therefore, my opinion may seem far off from the readers whose forte is both of these genres. I would, however, say that the writing style of the author is very entertaining and engaging.

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