Book Review: Unfolding by Jonathan Friesen

A girl brought to the city of Gullary by a storm is aptly named as Stormi. Unfolding is a Paranormal fiction book written by Jonathan Friesen that follows “unnatural” Stormi. Stormi gets visions that she can’t explain but the accuracy of these visions has scared everyone, except  Jonah Everett III. Jonah has been mesmerized by Stormi for as far back as he can remember. Although they have been friends since childhood, he can’t gather enough courage to confess his true feelings towards Stormi. One of the reasons for this secrecy is his lack of self-confidence and another one is his medical condition. He has scoliosis. Other than this condition, the regular fits increase his troubles.

Before one decides to put this book in the pile of romance fiction, there comes a mystery of a red door inside a museum (where Jonah works). This door is not allowed to be opened other than once a day when Jonah brings food for its resident. Jonah is not permitted to engage in any conversation with this person; however, this person knows about him and Stormi than he ever shared. His knowledge about Stormi both scares and intrigues Jonah.

The plot of Unfolding is quite dark. When the mystery hidden behind the door reveals, Jonah’s whole world comes crashing down. He curses his own name and finds himself hating his ancestors. The selection of words to express the persona of Stormi every time she gets a vision is magnificent. The way the author describes her distant look has a magnetic charm to it. The book is filled with many unexpected twists and turns. I was hooked till the last chapter because the author cleverly maintained the suspense until the last line of the last page. Sometimes, the events dragged for longer than I would have liked them to, but that may be just my opinion and other readers may not agree with it.

As a reader, I enjoyed the conversations between various characters. These were quite informative and easy to follow. My favorite character has been Arthur, a friend of Jonah’s. Although he did not get to play a very long role, his honesty and innocence increased my fondness toward him. He added a little humor to the otherwise dark and serious plot. This is a fiction that imparts a lesson to come clean if one’s actions have caused someone any sufferings or you might have to pay for your misdoings later in a very disturbing manner.

I would recommend this book to the readers who enjoy a blend of romance and paranormal genres.

P.S. The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers.

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