Book Review: Ponytail – The Love for Revenge by Dr. Pradip Chauhan

Prabudh is the leading man of the book, Ponytail – The Love for Revenge. Having lost his parents to the poverty, he pledged to become the wealthiest man and not to get married until he became the richest man in the world. As a reminder of his pledge, he decided not to cut his hair till the day all the conditions of his oath are met. After getting an MBA degree from IIM-Ahmedabad, he started his own textile company. His business has been growing bigger by the minute. Now, he is going to open a new branch in Surat. He offers the position of MD to Tapasya, who is the marketing head of his current company. She accepts the offer and in this moment, Prabudh realizes that he likes this girl a lot. They begin dating after a while, and soon, they decide to get married. It is plain to see that she is quite possessive for him, but he ignores this tendency of hers. He wishes to further expand his business by starting a female clothing line, and, for this task, he must impress one of the most influential businessmen, Mr. Mehta. On meeting him, however, Mr. Mehta makes it clear that this decision lies in the hands of his daughter, Kaumudi. It is very interesting to read how his love life affects his plan to become the most affluent man in the world.

Ponytail – The Love for Revenge is full of dramatic twists and turns. This book screams Bollywood to me. In fact, it reminded me of a popular Bollywood movie — I would not reveal the name of the movie to avoid a spoiler. However, this is not a replica of that movie. I believe that movie might have inspired the author to come up with this plot. The story moves from one chapter to the next very smoothly, and I was able to follow the plot with no trouble. A series of unpredictable twists kept me intrigued to read the book for chapter one to the end in one sitting. There are not many characters, and this works very well for a forgetful reader like me. I found it hard to select any one character as my favorite. Although each one of them was well placed, none of them seemed to secure a place in my heart. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I liked Prabudh’s dedication and will-power to fulfill his pledge; however, he seemed very pompous to me. Tapasya, on the other hand, appeared a little too clingy. Her dialogues made me cringe my nose, every single time. The most annoying dialogue of hers is,

….From now on you will regularly wear your hair in a ponytail tied by my butterfly. And that is my stamp on you.”

Generally, the romantic dialogues were very cheesy for my taste.However, the serious conversations were very nicely written. They were meaningful and very intriguing. Prabudh’s recollection of his grandmother was extremely touching. What she said about the clothes being gender-neutral is really a powerful message,

“These are just clothes; they do not have any gender. Gender is in the mind of people, and the thought of gender in mind corrupts the divine energy the God Almighty has given to humans…”

There are not only this one lesson but two more very useful lessons in the book:

  1. Revenge can never make one feel better.
  2. Running behind money while ignoring your loved ones would leave you devoid of love and real happiness.

Dr. Pradip Chauhan has used very easy-to-follow language that ensures that every reader can enjoy the book. Written in first person style, the plot moves slowly from one event to another without any major speed bumps. As a reader, I appreciated the author’s simple narrative style throughout the read. There is romance, conspiracy, emotions and lots of drama to keep a reader engaged. This is definitely a one-time read.

I would recommend Ponytail – The Love for Revenge by Dr. Pradip Chauhan to the readers who like Bollywood movie plots, which includes dramatic twists for the satisfaction of the brains and emotional elements for keeping the hearts happy.

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