Book Review: Call of the Quintar (The Life-River Saga Book 1) by Melanie Hemingway

Reviewed by Ankita Shukla for Readers’ Favorite

Melanie Hemingway has introduced a new species in her book, Call of the Quintar (The Life-River Saga Book 1). Galvanites, a microscopic race, have a gift that enables them to merge into newborn humans. They have been using their gift to save human babies; however, this time, they need a few special humans to save their world. These special humans are clueless of their origin. For a long time, these humans have been feeling detached from the world, but don’t know why. They all have special powers, like super sensitivity to others’ feelings, ability to read others’ minds, etc. With each having no knowledge of others’ existence, how they find one another and save the Galvanites’ world is quite intriguing to read.

As a reader, I find it difficult to connect to a fantasy world and its inhabitants; however, Melanie’s narration of the Galvanites, their dreams, hopes, desires, and families helped me in not only connecting with them, but also feeling sympathetic towards their pain. The plot of Call of the Quintar moves at a steady pace, which works well for a reader who takes their time in reading a book. Usually, a lot of characters put me off because of my tendency to forget their names, but the author’s method of introducing characters worked well with me. Throughout the read, her narration kept me intrigued to learn more about the characters. Each character is well portrayed and their dialogues never seemed out of context. Melanie’s book would enchant readers who love diving in an unknown world. Her storytelling is so powerful that it will keep you hooked till the last line.

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