Book Review: Heart Made Whole by Christa Black Gifford

Find your way back into the arms of our divine Healer by reading Heart Made Whole. The author, Christa, shares various moments of her life to bring home the point that our God is right there to wipe our tears and accept us just the way we are. No terms and conditions applied. The only thing that He needs from us is our honest and complete dedication towards understanding our own heart. When Christa lost her new-born child, words cannot express the depth of her pain. However, instead of succumbing to her eating disorder or gulping down alcohol to numb the pain, she remained connected to her heart and looked inside her to find Jesus ready to help her. The moment she discovered that God is willing to help, if only we would open up to Him, she discovered the overflowing love of Jesus.

In this world, where we encounter tragedy and brutality almost on a daily basis, our skeptic mind begins questioning the intention of our Almighty God. We wonder why would our omnipotent creator leave us unprotected amidst cruel chaos. We feel hurt and abandoned. I, for one, do not hold back from putting God in a trial and demand answers to my questions in not so subtle manner. I am not proud of it, but whenever I come across an act of brutality, I find it hard to believe that anybody is looking over us. If God is so powerful, how can He sit silently while a devil is cutting an innocent into many pieces? I am sure that I am not the only one. If I had any doubt earlier, after reading Heart Made Whole, I know that at least one more person has been like me — and that person is the author. However, the soothing answer to my questions couldn’t have been put in any better words,

But to our Christian​ dismay, Jesus didn’t say if we have difficulties; He said when. He didn’t say that if you are a faithful intercessor, all your prayers would be answered the way you want, and if you are an avid church goer and dedicated Bible reader, then you are assured of perpetual success….. Rather, Jesus promised that as long as we live in a fallen world — which we do — we will go through all sorts of adversities, even while believing in the promises of God.

How many of us believe in the everything happens for a reason theory? I do. In fact, I believe in it so much that I have found myself leaving several important decisions in the hands of destiny. Now, I am not sure whether things according to the way God planned or due to my reluctance of taking a decision, but as a believer of that theory, I would continue to applaud or blame God for the consequences. Christa’s words of argument against this theory are quite thought-provoking,

The problem with this “Que Sera, Sera” mindset towards God’s will, in which all the hell that happens is made to happen for a greater purpose, is that it inadvertently​ proposes that God is a baby killer, a cancer giver, a sexual abuser, and a terrorist, discounting a few important factors that shape outcomes every day. And those factors are:

  1. Our free will.
  2. The free will of others.
  3. The fallen world in which we live.
  4. A very real enemy who wants to steal from us, kill us, and destroys us.

In her heart, she feels the compassion and love of Jesus. She believes that He loves us too much to force his choices on us. He has given us the gift of free will. How we use this gift is up to us. Christa uses just the right words to sink these words in the heads of the readers,

His sovereign nature operates only inside the law of love, and because He is love, He loves us all enough to give us choices, even when they destroy us, others, the church, and the planet.

The author has made it very clear that we can go through the path of peace and oneness with God only by spending time in being well acquainted with our own hearts. By recollecting something that her son said at the age of only three, she mentions that contents of one’s heart decide who or what enters into your world.

I feel enlightened by reading this book. The author has shared appropriate incidents from her life to ease the process of understanding and relating to her. I would recommend the book to the readers who wish to know more about the healing process, connecting with yourself, finding God, and allowing Him to heal your pain. Although she mentions Jesus and Christianity throughout the read, I, a non-Christian reader, was moved and enlightened. I have found many insightful tips to live a life with God, who is my protector and healer.

P.S. I have received a copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review.



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