Book Review: Scar Tissue by M C Domovitch

Scar Tissue is a psychopath thriller by M C Domovitch. Ciara Kelly, a budding model, is running from a maniac who had kidnapped her and carved abuses on various parts of her body. Her doctor declares her lucky to have avoided any serious injury. However, in her own head, she is far from lucky. She knows that this incidence is sure to put an end to her modeling career. To add to her worries, she notices that her dear boyfriend does not look at her with the same loving expression as he used to before. Nevertheless, with the help of her sister, Deirdre, she tries to put her life back on the track of normalcy. Little does she know that now the same psychopath is following her with a vengeance.

The author has done an incredible job of sketching the characters and their emotions. The love of Deirdre and Ciara seemed so real that it kept me thinking about the relationship between me and my sister. When the author described the pleasure that the killer got from torturing his victims, I got goosebumps. I cringed when his victims suffered, and I cursed him whenever he took a life. This is the power of the words; A well-thought selection of words can blow life into an artificial thing and can destroy each fragment of life from even the most alive person. The author succeeded in doing just that. Each fragment of her imagination in the book has the ability to connect with its readers. I, as a reader, never felt disconnected. The characters are believable and their personalities seem well researched from real life humans.

Although this is a murder thriller, the tone did not remain dark. The variations in the mood have been a welcome change. The philosophical conversations of Deidre and Ciara induce a ray of hope for a broken heart. The author has sneaked a message in this murder fiction that the world does not stop with one tragedy and the luck favors the brave. There is a longing in the heart of Ciara for her ex-boyfriend and vice versa; however, there are complications. This desire of their heart provided a romantic and soothing mood to the overall plot. A glimpse of author’s sense of humor is evident in many events.

This has been a fast read for which I have no advice for improvement. Scar Tissue is perfect the way it is. I would recommend it to the readers who enjoy reading a light and quick psychopath mystery with a lot of drama.

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