Adam’s Chivalry Bothers Eve! #FridayReflections

It had been about a month, and Eve continued to remain distant from Adam. He tried calling her, texting her, messaging her on FB, leaving DMs on twitter, but nothing worked on Eve. One day, he received a mail from Eve. Her words shattered Adam’s crystal clear heart. He could not believe what he saw,

Dear Adam,

I would come straight to the point. Our relationship cannot work if you do not learn to accept for the independent woman that I am. Call me a feminist or whatever, but your chivalry bugs me. It annoys me so much that I want to murder you. You make me feel that I am not enough. Like you, I have two fully functional hands. Believe it or not, I can use these to open the door for myself. I have, similar to you, good sense of when the door could slam me from behind, so you do not need to stay behind to hold the door. If we are stepping inside an elevator, I do not need you to keep your hands as an obstacle to avoid me being crushed. I have quick reflexes, and I can, very well, know when to command the sensors of the elevator to perform their responsibility. What is it with you and flowers? These flowers that you gift me are the symbol of how weak and fragile you think of me. I do not need you to stand every time I get up to use the ladies’ room when we are having dinner. What are you — my doorman? I do not want you to plan my day in advance. It’s flattering that you wish to spend your day with me, but I have brains to decide how should our date go.

I am a modern woman, and I abhor that you do not treat me like one. Like I said, you make feel that I am not enough. Follow the footsteps of your male clan who have stopped showing any sign of chivalry and left me alone. They do not hold the door, believe in ladies’ first and any of that useless crap.

I do not think that we should be together anymore.

– Eve

The world had slowed down and he felt that Eve’s each word stabbed him in the heart. Adam composed himself after a few minutes and clicked on reply,

Dearest Eve,

I adore you for the modern and capable lady that you are. I love you for all the things that you take care of. I am crazy about the fact that you are not dependent on me for anything; however, I would love for you to read why I do what I do.

I hold the door for you, not because I think you do not have hands or a good sense of judgment, but because I want to treat you like the princess you are. Not just you, my dear Eve, I am the personal doorman to every woman of the world. My act should not be mistaken for an attempt to put you down; I have the utmost respect for all the hardships womankind went through to claim their rightful position in the society. My simple acts of letting them take the first shot and holding the door are out of respect and never to make them feel not enough.

Sweetheart, you saw the fragileness of the flowers, but not their color and beauty. These flowers remind me of you due to their mesmerizing beauty and not because of their delicacy. I bring those to you to remind you of your elegance and bewitching pretty face.

As far as considering you any less than me is concerned, I could never dare contradict the decision of the almighty. Confused? Well, you see God gave you the ability to give birth because he knew that only a woman could survive that much pain. If He had thought that we, men, could endure the pain of bringing a new life to this earth, he could have made a little adjustment to allow that. He knew that you, women, are his real powerhouse. Who am I to contradict Him?

I adore you from the heart of my hearts, but I cannot show my face to my shepherd if I stopped honoring you with the respect that you deserve. As far as the people of my clan go, trust me, they have stopped being chivalrous due to sheer jealousy. They can’t see that a woman is standing ahead of them in the race of life. I pity them. You are free to embrace a man, who is afraid of women’s success, but I would not become one of them to claim your love.

With all my love,


Within an hour, Eve was in Adam’s arms — after, of course, he opened and held the door for her. She realized that she finally felt more than enough in the arms of a man who knew how to treasure her.

P.S. This post is in response to the Friday Reflections prompt – “I am enough” – Brene Brown. Use this quote as an inspiration for your post or within your post.

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  1. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Nice letter and the response. 🙂 Though I suppose too much of chivalry in everything might give that opinion to Eve.

    1. Probably! Yet, she came back 😉

  2. Dashy says:

    What a creative way to use the prompt! We never must blindly assume how a man’s gestures are intended..sometimes the claims of feminists do sound silly like Eve’s conclusions. But of course, it is time to ditch some of the age old customs demarcating a man and a woman. A very interesting read indeed!

  3. Ishithaa says:

    This is so creative!! Loved reading both point of views expressed here 😀

  4. Interesting take on the prompt. I’m a feminist but I think behaviours like holding the door open is just kind and respectful…I hold it open for others too. As for flowers and small gifts, again I think both genders should give each other such tokens to indicate their love or even that they are thinking of the other person. Thanks for linking up!

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