Do We Have a Right to Allow a Massacre?

When it comes to the news, I never feel good watching it. There is always one thing or the other that has an ability to scar my heart. Violence word doesn’t do any justice to what’s going on. Anyway, the news that I came across this morning has been on my mind all day. I just can’t shake it off. According to NDTV, a state has allowed a massacre of Nilgais (Blue Bulls) because they have been harming the crops, and thus, affecting the farmers. In the video, a man looked quite happy shooting these clueless animals. In their report, NDTV stated that state has asked for more skilled shooters from central government to “take care of this problem.” This state has a valid permit that allows them to continue this slaughter until November.

Although I understand the situation this over population of the Nilgais must be causing for the farmers, I cannot help but wonder shouldn’t the government think about another way to solve this issue. These are living beings that we are talking about. Can we wash our hands by ordering to shoot them? Out of sight, out of mind approach? Well, if that’s the case, there must be other ways to move these breathing beings out of sight. I read that Nilgais have come extinct in Bangladesh. Now, I don’t know about the complicating world of laws, but shouldn’t we be busy figuring out a plan to provide from over-abundance to scarcity?

Seriously, killing an animal because it is causing troubles seems like a solution that anybody can come up with. But, where is the human touch in this solution? If we humans stopped considering the value of humanity, then who would take care of God’s many beautiful creations? It breaks my heart to see that we, humans, have got the idea that we have a right to take anybody’s life. I wish that somebody comes forward with a better solution and stop this madness before it’s too late. How do the decision takers sleep with blood on their hands?

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  1. That’s so very sad and wrong. My mom lives in Montana and during the winter, people ride snow mobiles in Yellowstone park. The buffalo follow the tracks outside of the park and they often get shot. It’s so wrong and there has to be a better way!

  2. herheadache says:

    I am not entirely innocent, as I can’t say I don’t contribute to the problem. I still don’t see the point of heartless cruelty. How do these shooters stand it?

  3. Saumya says:

    It’s terrible and it’s wrong. First we encroaching land belonging to poor defenceless animals. Then we kill them calling them a nuisance! What kind of an agenda is this? I see land grabbing as the only agenda.

    There are forested which ar invaded by tens of thousands of cattle eating everything the poor nilgai or wild boars would have eaten. Then the poor hungry animals come out looking for food and we kill then and how it on Tv! How horrid is this. Why do we let it happen? How can change this?

  4. Very sad situation. The news is heartbreaking more than anything else and oh so frustrating. Some days I really just have to ignore it because it’s nothing new and nothing good.

    1. I know. I have signed an online petition to stop this madness, but let’s see what happens 🙁

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