My Vision of a Bewitching Wardrobe

My previous blog in Fashion & Me category shed some light into my wardrobe sobfest. I have been possessed with the idea of giving my wardrobe a much-needed makeover. After many sleepless nights — of course, it’s an exaggeration — I decided to take the matter in my hands. I wrote down what I knew and what I did not know. I know I have a pear shaped body, and thankfully, I have some inherent sense of style. However, I do not wish to change my wardrobe based on my “sense of style,” so I sat down to do some research on  how to dress a pear shaped body. Thanks to the thriving community of fashion bloggers, I found many helpful tips. The key in all those tips was to divert the attention from the heaviest part of the body to the upper body. The interpretation of it, in my case, is to focus on the embellished necklines, padded or decorated shoulders, and a clearly defined waistline. I did not leave any stone unturned and did plenty of research in each category of apparel. The categoric result of my research can be presented as follows:

Tops:  A pear-shaped woman should go for the tops with a deep V or U-neckline, cowl neck, and boat neck. Padded and/or embellished shoulders enhance the overall appearance. Ruffles would not hurt, too. In fact, these would help in keeping the focus on the upper part of the body, rather than the obvious heaviest part. Ladies, like me, can go for the tops with horizontal stripes, which is a big victory for me because these are very much in style these days. The best news is that I can go for crop tops with no doubt in mind. Yay! The fundamental point to remember is to opt for the tops that flaunt the waistline and not the hips.

Skirts/pants: For skirts, the popular style advice is to go for A-line skirts that fit at the hips but then go wider from there. It is best to purchase knee length skirts.

As far as pants and jeans are concerned, wide leg or straight leg style would help in making you look ravishing. I am not a big fan of wide leg style; therefore, I intend to stick to the straight leg style.

Oh yes, before I forget, the basic rule for dressing up a pear shaped body is to select dark shades for bottom wears.

Shoes: I have been making excellent choices in shoes. I am not saying that to praise myself; my research showed it in black and white. Medium heels are the best for a pear-shaped body. Peep-toes can do wonder for the overall look, as well. In terms of boots, those that reach just under the knee are the widely agreed choice for a pear-shaped woman.

Outerwear: Outerwear is the one category, which does not exist in the summer clothing section of my wardrobe. This is the saddest confession I have made on my blog, so far. There is no reason for this ignorance; it just happened. So, my research reveals that cute blazers, ending at the hips, are the best choice for me. I can go for cropped jackets, as well. Big lapels would agree with my silhouette. Dark colored outerwears would enhance my look.

Dresses: I love this category. I have been the biggest fan of dresses since the day I started shopping on my own. It adds a sophistication to any wardrobe; of course, if you make the right choices. As per the huge community of stylish bloggers, a halter neck would do wonders for my profile. Strapless and spaghetti straps are the best choices for my body type. Dresses of these styles would help me look amazing: empire dress, wrap dress, shirt dresses, classic 50’s dress. So, bye bye bodycon dresses! I loved bodycon dresses, but, apparently, it’s better to stay away from these. Again, the important thing to remember is to keep the attention away from the hips.

Bright scarves

Shorts with no Embellishments and no hot pants

Jumpsuits: belted jumpsuits, halter necks, shoulder details and flared legs. The jumpsuits with flared legs style should be my preferred choice. Jumpsuits with a belt or defined waistline would enhance my appearance. As with the tops, jumpsuits with a few shoulder details would be amazing for me.

Palazzo pants: According to my research, Palazzo would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe. I would couple these with the tops, as per the advice in the tops section, and voila, I am ready to rock. The point to remember is to select dark colored palazzo’s.

Maxi Dress: For maxi dress, the style is no different than the suitable styles mentioned in the dresses category. So, V-neckline, spaghetti and halter straps, and empire waistline would be the preferred choices. It is essential to pick the maxi dresses that flow over the bottom half and don’t stick on it.

After all this, I googled many designs that would come in handy while shopping. Start the drumrolls. The vision of my future wardrobe is like this:


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