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Sunshine & Tears by Ruth O’Neill is a real life narration of an alcoholic man’s wife. The story begins when Rosie, a teenage girl, is stood up by Jay, the boy whom she had a major crush on. She is in an inconsolable state, but her sister, Jackie, practically drags her to another city for an adventure. As destiny would have it, Rosie meets a man named Garry there and falls head over heels for his charismatic charm. There is an instant connection, which leads to an intense romantic journey. Soon, they decide to get married and begin their lives as husband and wife. Right from day one, she ignores Garry’s over-dependence on alcohol. This ignorance does not bode well, and soon Rosie finds herself at the crossroads between her endless love for the man and the effects of his careless attitude towards his family.

In Sunshine & Tears, Ruth O’Neill has written a heartwarming story about the constant struggle that an alcoholic’s family goes through. In today’s divorce-friendly world, Rosie’s unconditional love for her husband is an inspiration. Her fighting spirit to stand with Garry through thick and thin is outstanding. The author has done a commendable job of highlighting the flaws in the system of taking care of alcoholics. By using the narrative style of writing, Ruth has peeled back the layers of slow destruction that alcohol brings to not only an individualĀ but to their whole family. Slowly, a person falls into a pit of trash and pushes every other individual away from him. The need for a support system for the caretakers of alcoholics is made crystal clear in this magnificent book. This writing is very powerful and moving. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a tragic love story with a powerful message hidden in it. Also, anyone who has been an alcoholic, or who has taken care of one, would appreciate this book.

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