#HotelHell TV Series Featuring Gordon Ramsay

If you are a fan of Masterchef US, then you must know and appreciate super active Gordon Ramsay. Like all the other hosts of Masterchef US, his love for food is visible by the way he speaks about it. He is the one whose hands speak more than him. Well, before there is any confusion, what I meant by the last comment was the fact that he has a tendency of making a lot of hand gestures while conveying his thoughts. Even when he stands, I get the vibe that he is moving. No, I don’t watch tv under the impression of alcohol. You will need to observe him, and you’ll know what I mean. Anyway, I like him very much because I think that he has a compassionate heart.

One day, while flipping through the channels on tv, I thought that I saw Ramsay on TLC HD World. This was strange to me because I have never seen Masterchef on any channel other than Star World (or Star World Premiere). So I went back to this channel, and to my amazement, it was Gordon Ramsay. He was on a program called Hotel Hell. The name was catchy, and he was shouting at one guy, who seemed to be the manager of the hotel. Later, I discovered he was the owner. After watching it for a few minutes, I gathered the concept of this program and was hooked to it.

In a nutshell, the plot of this reality show can be explained in these few bullets:

  • Gordon Ramsay travels
  • He checks into a hotel (I believe because the owner invites him to help him in finding the root cause of their decreasing revenue )
  • He observes the food, the rooms, the interior decorations, and overall look and feel of the hotel
  • On finding stale food, noise of the bar reaching inside his room, pathetic interior among other unacceptable facts, he gives the owner or manager a piece of his mind
  • Sometimes, they shout back, and viewers get a few good minutes of the action, but some other times, they just hear him
  • If Gordon Ramsay notices even the slightest sign of remorse in the owner, then he offers them his help (which generally happens) otherwise, he walks out (which happens very rarely)
  • The best part is that he gives the whole hotel a makeover (including its menu) — this is my favorite part
  • The hotel staff goes ballistic, and Gordon ends the show by hoping that they would maintain the positive energy and do not let him down

I love the stories that people share about the emotional value of their business. The compassionate reaction of Gordon to their stories is wonderful. When he is annoyed with the incompetence of the staff, I can hear only beeps coming out of the tv’s speakers. In the end, however, comes my favorite part, where the hell looking hotels are transformed into beautiful looking ones.

The images on this post are from one episode of their program.

Featured Image Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/f/f4/Hotel_Hell.png/250px-Hotel_Hell.png

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