The Silly World Beyond My Faraway Look!

Dreams are an essential part of my existence. Most of the people need to close their eyes to dream, I,on the other hand, have no such constraints. I can dream with my eyes wide open. Dreaming takes me away from my personal troubles, the thoughts of increasing violence, unnecessary conflicts happening all around me, and constant bickering of negative people. This is a place that I can go to relax and sometimes, to gain a perspective. I get a faraway look in my eyes when I am in this imaginary world. However, saying that there is nothing wrong in this world would be very far from the truth. In fact, it is so jumbled up that sometimes, I can’t help laughing on these weird figments of my imagination.

Before writing this post itself, I found myself lost in deep thoughts. Let’s take a walk in the meadows of my faraway look. It started with me looking intently in my notebook. I was pondering over the prompt of the day “faraway.” Let’s just say, I thought a little too much, and this is where I landed.

I am standing in the middle of a beautiful garden. It’s a gorgeous sunny day; the sun is merciful and is not trying to burn everything to the ashes, rather it is only blessing me with the right amount of warmth. I look very happy. There is nobody around me; I am alone and free to wander anywhere I want. As far as my eyes can see, there is lush green grass with little droplets of water. There are flowers everywhere I see. I can’t put my finger on the type of the flower because to me, they all look like balls of colors; who knows, they might be colorful balls. This scene reminds me of the paintings of beautiful scenery —  the ones which have the ability to transport you away from all your problems just by looking at them. The overall vibe of this place is joy-inducing. There is no place I’d rather be. Although I am all alone here, I am not lonely. I can stay here forever.

Just when I thought of this, the scene changed to an eye-blinding darkness. Contrary to the colorful scenery of the first vision, this place has no color. There is no light. I can see the shadow of a person whom I’m assuming to be me — who else can it be? This is a haunting place, and I wish to get out of here. Every problem that I wished to forget is rushing back to me. Generally, I think of the solution to my problem, but here — it seems — I have lost that ability; in this darkness, I only wish to cry over my failures, think about all the defeats I ever had, and all the prospects of difficulties.

To my relief, this view is changed again and now, I am on a farm. Surprisingly, I am nowhere to be scene. There is only long grass as far as I can see. No, I was wrong. I see a kid — he is a prince (in my mind). He should not be more than eight-year-old. I have no clue where did the thought of a prince come from. I believe, I am watching Game of Thrones too much these days; hence, the price materialized in my head. Anyway, this prince is running, his hands up in the air, between the grass. In fact, the length of the grass is longer than the prince. He is holding a mask: a frog’s mask. Suddenly, many soldiers appear with cookies in their hands (Hats off to my imagination!), and they start throwing cookies toward the frog’s mask. To my amazement, the mask started eating these cookies. I think this was too much for my logical brain to comprehend because it shook these thoughts off of me and brought me back to the reality.

I know this must have wasted a lot of your precious time, but I had to write about it. I am very forgetful and god forbid, if one day I forget everything, my loved ones can redirect me to my posts to introduce me to myself.

This post is in response to the daily post prompt: Faraway

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  1. i like your narrative style. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment!

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