Confessions of a Frivolous Spender

I am a frivolous spender. I earn to spend, and in the past, I have spent more than what I earned. Although I am very well aware of the monetary problems that this carefree behavior may get one into, there is something thrilling about noticing something you like and then purchasing it. Before you begin thinking this post a sequel of Confessions of a Shopaholic, novel (or movie) I must tell you that I am not imitating her feelings – at least not on purpose.

We all buy things that we need, and that is how it should be (see, I know the logical thing to do!); however, what do we do when something grabs our attention and refuses to let go. I have a wardrobe full of “I-do-not-know-where-to-wear” clothes, a rack full of “heel-to-high-to-wear” shoes, a box packed with “don’t go with anything” accessories, a lot of “what-were-you-thinking” electronic devices, and what have you. Once I went to a shopping mall, and a beautiful grand keyboard captured my attention. Right away, I spent a good amount to get this marvelous piece into my home. It has been more than 6 years since I bought it, and I am still planning to learn it. The things I buy are not just things to me; these are very precious to me.

My frivolous spending tendency knows no boundary. Earlier, my laziness won many times and stopped me from taking the heed of going to the mall; however, the advent of online shopping removed this last hurdle, too. I believe that online shopping has eased our lives, but at the same time, it has increased our expenses. I realized this problem when I installed a shopping app on my android phone. I used to receive notification of every ongoing sale, and I would think to myself, “I am getting an excellent deal. Letting it go would mean a very bad judgment on my part.” So, I would go on a shopping spree while waiting for my cab to arrive, watching tv, taking a walk, and what not. I started digging into the money that I was saving, blackmailing my husband to buy me the “pretty top,” and dreaming of ways to earn more. A horrible phase that was! Somehow, I came back to my senses. No, let me rephrase it, somehow my husband, sister, mom, and dad dragged me back to the ugly truth.

Frivolous spending gave me a thrill, excitement, and unlimited joy; it still does. I do not own a credit card, and this works out in my favor. When I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic movie, I realized that not having a credit card is stopping me from being a bankrupt. To add to the relieving factor, I have a maestro debit card, and many e-commerce websites do not support payment with that. Google Play is one of those, otherwise, I would have rented many movies, bought many books, and purchased many android apps by now.

The positive thing is that since I started blogging and writing book reviews, I do not think much about shopping. I am hoping that soon, I would be able to remove the frivolous spender “Ankita” from the equation of my life and would become a sensible spender. I would miss her, though.

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  1. rogershipp says:

    ” It has been more than 6 years since I bought it, and I am still planning to learn it. ” Loved that line!

    1. Thank God for my sense of humor, otherwise I would have buried myself because of guilt, long time ago.

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