Let us Bid Farewell to Extremism

There is a well known saying, “Too much of anything is bad.” We all have heard it, but some of us seem to forget it. I am writing this post as a reminder to every one of us of this valuable quote.

Remember ‘Monica’ of our beloved tv series “FRIENDS”? Her obsession to being organized made us laugh, but I can guarantee that most of us have thanked ourselves for not having a life partner who was this detail oriented.


The shopping addiction of Rebecca in “The Confessions of a Shopaholic” made us all laugh. Oh, how I loved her in the movie! But did we wish to be walking in her shoes? I, surely, would not switch places with her character.


Fictional characters have tried their best in exhibiting the importance of balance in our lives and, unfortunately, they failed to impart this attribute in the extremists of our society.

Loving one’s religion is a good thing. Absorbing the valuable lessons and thoughts our religion teaches us, is definitely a praiseworthy deed. Every religion is embodied with occasional ‘love every human being’ lesson and if we manage to exercise it in dealing with people every day, we would definitely create an ideal world. The problem arises when we feel hatred towards other religions and we feel proud of doing so. Being a Hindu, if in helping a thirsty non-Hindu I think I’ve let myself down then I have a problem. By helping only a Hindu if I am suddenly filled with a joy then I need a professional’s constant attention.

The book 7 Women: And the Secret of their Greatness describes stories of great women of this world who helped everybody, irrespective of their caste, color, and religion. Did Mother Teresa ask a downtrodden about the religious views before offering help? If she had, she would not have been admired by one and all. Having enough resources to help a person in need, is a blessing and if one is blessed to help then thinking before helping is a sin, no matter which religion one follows.

Let us talk about the current situation for a while. Anybody capable of loving one’s religion to an extent that (s)he encourages and cherishes mercilessly torturing or killing people who do not share her/his views, is not entitled to be associated to any religion. The religious leaders should not back up these people to increase their followers, rather they should offer the professional help to these extremists for them to get better soon.

The mental illness is a disaster which has affected and destroyed every part of the globe including India, US, and Europe. Although I am sure that the families affected by the insane actions of these extremists will get the justice very soon, but the wait is absolutely tormenting. While we are waiting, I believe we should note the early signs of extremism in each one of us, and take the necessary help for the welfare of all of us.

We shall overcome!

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  1. jenniesisler says:

    This is such a well written post – I agree with you. We need to not only nip extremism of any kind in the bud, but we also have to look at ourselves and the part we play in perpetuating such ideas. One of the Bible verses I try to live by is the one that teaches that you can’t condemn your neighbor for having a speck in his eye if you have a boulder in your own.

    1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful verse from the Bible. If we assess our actions before judging others, only then we can hope for an excellent future. Also, we must ensure that the people in our lives turn their backs against extremism. Both the steps are required to get rid of the intolerance prevailed in our world today.

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