Salem’S Ropes by Joseph C. Gioconda

“The afflicted complained that disembodied spirits were stabbing them, choking them, and jabbing them with needles and pins. Soon names were cried out as the afflicted began to identify these specters.” – An excerpt from Salem’s Ropes by Joseph C. Gioconda #salem #witch #witchhunt #hauntedhouse #horror

Witches and True Love Bleed my Heart (Part 1)

Witches shouldn’t have to grow old. It’s an embarrassment really that even with all this power, I can’t make a mirror worship me! Megan waved her hands in frustration. Earlier, her reflection boasted a flawless skin with big round emerald green eyes, small nose and plump lips that sat perfectly on a glowing dusky tone. Now, signs of aging had caught up with her. Absentmindedly, Megan pressed her index and middle fingers over her crow’s feet, as if the very action would smooth away the wrinkles. She despised her drooping eyebrows, hallowing cheeks, and sagging skin. With a deep, she picked up a black bed sheet and threw it over her mirror.