Boy? Avani is not a Boy, my Friend!

The thing you need to know about Avani is that she excelled in academics. All through her school days, her teachers loved her. Her grandfather, whom she called Baba, boasted about her to whoever would listen. Avani’s parents looked forward to attending PTA meetings. Even so, she was insecure about her looks. Since the day…

Never Go to Bed Angry – A Blanket Chronicle

Why did I have to have a fight in the middle of the night? Janhvi cursed herself for the eleventh time in the matter of a mere five minutes. And to make matters worse, the AC had broken down when the summer heat of the night was unbearable. It appeared as if every thread of her nightdress was soaking wet with her sweat. Yet, she could not let go of the blanket. If I moved even a finger, they’ll know that I am awake. Then, they’ll certainly make a move. Tightening her already white-knuckled grip on the blanket, she tried to think of a survival strategy.