Some Laneys Died: A Skipping Sideways Thriller

Some Laneys Died – A Skipping Sideways Thriller by Brooke Skipstone is a mind-boggling thriller in the YA genre. When Delaney, aka Laney, caught her father cheating, her world came crashing around her. Although he implored her to keep it a secret, Laney was too enraged to care for his pleading. She blurted out the truth to her mom. As a result, the decision was made and her parents decided to part ways. Unbeknownst to her, the moment she made the choice, in another universe, she lived the choice that she didn’t make.

#Spoiler Alert# Book Review: The Girl in the Bird by Christine Talley

The Girl in the Bird by Christine Talley is a mash-up of sci-fi and romance genres. However, the main focus remains on the relationships. The plot revolves around three female characters — Alice, Hildegarde, and Bess. The story begins with an introduction of SCA: Society for Creative Anachronism. This group creates many events, where people…