Wishing Fountain and the Perfect Wish! #FridayReflections

On the surface, Carrie looked pretty relaxed as she threw a coin in the famous wishing fountain; however, moments earlier, there was a storm of emotions in her head. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to come up with a perfect wish — a wish that would make her truly happy. Somehow, she could never figure it out. Now, 27 years old, she knew that she could wait no longer to come up with a “perfect wish.” She had enough. There have been so many heartbreaks that she felt suffocated. “This time around, any wish would improve … Continue reading Wishing Fountain and the Perfect Wish! #FridayReflections

Adam’s Chivalry Bothers Eve! #FridayReflections

It had been about a month, and Eve continued to remain distant from Adam. He tried calling her, texting her, messaging her on FB, leaving DMs on twitter, but nothing worked on Eve. One day, he received a mail from Eve. Her words shattered Adam’s crystal clear heart. He could not believe what he saw, Dear Adam, I would come straight to the point. Our relationship cannot work if you do not learn to accept for the independent woman that I am. Call me a feminist or whatever, but your chivalry bugs me. It annoys me so much that I … Continue reading Adam’s Chivalry Bothers Eve! #FridayReflections

Then, She Spoke..

Chapter.1. Making of the Speech The employees of The Affordable Fashion For All have been floating above the ground since the announcement of their CEO, Nivedita Sharma, being ranked as The Most Influential CEO in India. This has been the most sought-after title by many Indian business persons. This award would help with the growth of this company; thus, a bonus would not be far behind. Unable to come up with a powerful speech for Nivedita’s award receiving ceremony, Alisha, the lady who handles the PR for the company, was going bonkers since morning. She had wasted many hours, but … Continue reading Then, She Spoke..

Dreams and Desires!

After years of constant bickering, nagging, and insulting her husband, finally, Jinny was on cloud 9. She couldn’t believe that Jim, her husband, had accepted the promotion in his job. “Why couldn’t he accept the promotion in the first place? Why did he make me behave in a spiteful manner with him?” thought Jenny to herself,“Oh, yes! His lame excuse was that he wouldn’t be able to spend more time with me due to the workload that would come with his new position. Who needs time, when you have money!” A smile came to her beautiful face. Her black eyes … Continue reading Dreams and Desires!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! #FridayReflections

One day — not long after I had finished reading the book, The Reflections of Queen Snow White — I was staring at the mirror on my bedroom wall. To my surprise, either my brain wandered too deep into the world of imagination or my mirror actually spoke to me. I did not imagine a mirror to speak in a female’s voice; for some reason, I assumed the mirror to be a male. What else could explain ladies’ attraction towards it? Just kidding! Anyway, the conversation was not an ordinary exchange of pleasantries ; rather, it was an insightful discussion … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! #FridayReflections