“Why do you laugh so much?” He said. “Why don’t you?” She laughed. #FridayReflections

We have a tendency to make sense of everything that’s happening around us. Almost all of us have forgotten the incredible philosophy of going with the flow. If someone is smiling, we would want to know the reason. If somebody is upset, we would want the reason to be logical. If someone is in love, we would love to know the basis of that love. We don’t just ask the question and listen to the reply, but we would like the answer to meet the checklist of logical response. The society does not accept the vague answer; therefore, we have … Continue reading “Why do you laugh so much?” He said. “Why don’t you?” She laughed. #FridayReflections

Carve Out a Little “Me Time!” #TheDailyPost

I read a popular post on FB last night (or this morning, I can’t remember) and it truly touched me. It was a dying woman’s letter to the world. Here is the link, if you are interested: http://www.homesluxury.net/dying-womans-heartbreaking-letter-world/ This post made me wonder how we live our lives. We are running behind our careers, relationships, money, promotion, kids among million other things. We are obsessing over every little thing in our lives, all the while knowing that we have no control over anything. However, when it comes to devoting a little time to our own welfare or amusement, we take a … Continue reading Carve Out a Little “Me Time!” #TheDailyPost

Ultimate Brilliance in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland #TheDailyPost

When I was reading my favorite book, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, I remember being fascinated by many of its characters. Although all the characters were well-written, my favorite character was Mad Hatter — no surprise there! Lewis Carroll has given an eye-opening reality check to the readers without even sounding like a preacher. He redefined the concept of madness and made me, as a reader, rethink the very definition of being a mad person. There were so many brilliant, yet strange, dialogues that one might lose all the sense. Lewis Carroll’s writing would force you to speculate, … Continue reading Ultimate Brilliance in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland #TheDailyPost

Finding Inner Peace – A Forlorn Struggle! #TheDailyPost

I have been an advocate of putting your inner peace above everything else. However, is achieving it as simple as it sounds? Definitely not! This task could have been simpler if we would not constantly compare ourselves to others. In retrospect, not comparing to others would have been easier if we would not have been spellbound by social media. How do we not get fascinated by the colorful dreams, hopes, and promises being presented on it? How do we not get mesmerized by the illusion of possibilities that it sells so splendidly? I am not a social media hater. It … Continue reading Finding Inner Peace – A Forlorn Struggle! #TheDailyPost

A Non-Christian Celebrates Christmas — So What? #UnwrapChristmas

I am celebrating the spirit of Christmas with the #UnwrapChristmas blog post chain, and this post is dedicated to all the lovely and unprejudiced loving beings.     I have been a Christmas enthusiast for as long as I can remember. The reason, I believe, is my fascination towards many Hollywood tv series since childhood. I never gave my fascination a second thought because it came as easy to me as breathing. The arrival of December always filled me with hope and excitement. My mom is a teacher in a Christian college, so Christmas has always been a big deal in … Continue reading A Non-Christian Celebrates Christmas — So What? #UnwrapChristmas

The Cure for Cacophony: Another Cacophony #FridayReflections

There is a wide range of cacophony in each individual’s head. Some special ones have many cacophonies running simultaneously. I belong to this special category most of the days. However, when the record in my head is stuck on one particular track of noise, I have discovered that another track of wonderings helps me. But does that really help me or simply takes away my chance to live in the moment? You must be thinking,”What is she babbling about?” If you had written this post and I was reading it, I would have thought the same. So, allow me to … Continue reading The Cure for Cacophony: Another Cacophony #FridayReflections

Are We Dancing to the Tunes of Luck? #FridayReflections

Before we indulge in a thought-provoking conversation about destiny and other complicated topics, I would like to clarify that I am not a philosopher. I might pretend to be one every now and then, but I have not studied philosophy. Whatever I feel, I write it down and share with the world. I believe the heart and the soul know the truth; it’s up to us to really think about something, dig deep, and the answers will come to us. See, philosophy comes easily to me 😉 There is no denying that we can’t control everything in life. Does it … Continue reading Are We Dancing to the Tunes of Luck? #FridayReflections

“Wait for a Little Longer,” Said Life — Always! # FridayReflections

I love reflecting on the lives of myself and other people around me. Out of many things that are common in everybody’s life is waiting. Everyone is waiting for something or someone at every step of their lives. Sometimes we are waiting for our shifts to be over so that we might get out of our offices. Some other times, this wait might be a more difficult one, like waiting for a dead relationship to rekindle or a long gone friend to come back or, in the case of many Indian IT people, stamping of their US visa. Some people … Continue reading “Wait for a Little Longer,” Said Life — Always! # FridayReflections