Make a Wish and Universe Would Play a Genie

My fascination with the programs depicting magic has been since my early childhood. I grew up watching Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie. Then, Sabrina The Teenage Witch joined the club followed by Wizards of Waverly Place and many others. All these series left me wishing for a genie of my own. I was so smitten that several times I actually tried my own non-existent magical powers. I would stare at the tv, hoping to turn it on by using my “magic.” Of course, nothing happened 😦 Anyway, I almost lost faith in the whole concept until I came across … Continue reading Make a Wish and Universe Would Play a Genie

What Kind of Love do you Fancy? #FridayRefelections

Everybody has fancies, and I’m not talking about sexual fantasies. I am talking about love, romance, etc. I was rewatching Sex and The City’s last episode of sixth season a few days back. If you’ve watched it, let me refresh your memory; if you haven’t then this would give you a glimpse into the scene. Carrie has been dating a Russian (I forgot his name), who took her to Paris to live with him. Carrie, the ever love-searcher, joined him in the hopes of finally enjoying the kind of love that she wanted. Her ex-bf had left her because he … Continue reading What Kind of Love do you Fancy? #FridayRefelections

Continue, Restart, Or Force Stop #DailyMusings

Life, as we know it, is abundant in challenges, confusions, and decisions. While some decisions make us happy, many others fill our lives with despair. Without trapping you and me in the complex web of fate and God, I would talk like a certified tech geek. It is almost lame to mention ‘if’ and ‘you work on a PC/laptop’ in one sentence because, let’s face it, if you are reading it, you cannot be a PC/laptop virgin. Anyway, while working on our machines, we often come across a pop-up message, which goes something like this: The Windows have installed important … Continue reading Continue, Restart, Or Force Stop #DailyMusings

Relationships Under the Microscope #TheDailyPost

Time and again, we are advised to always know our true companions and stay away from the pretentious lot. It always makes me wonder if one can really gather enough stats and find exact parameters on which to test a relationship? Even if we could, by some miracle, discover all the right norms on which to test a relationship, wouldn’t the fact that circumstances change people will always ensure that the relationship fails the assay every single time. Some catch 22, right? The reality of the situation, however, remains that there are no agreed-upon rules or degree of those rule … Continue reading Relationships Under the Microscope #TheDailyPost

“Why do you laugh so much?” He said. “Why don’t you?” She laughed. #FridayReflections

We have a tendency to make sense of everything that’s happening around us. Almost all of us have forgotten the incredible philosophy of going with the flow. If someone is smiling, we would want to know the reason. If somebody is upset, we would want the reason to be logical. If someone is in love, we would love to know the basis of that love. We don’t just ask the question and listen to the reply, but we would like the answer to meet the checklist of logical response. The society does not accept the vague answer; therefore, we have … Continue reading “Why do you laugh so much?” He said. “Why don’t you?” She laughed. #FridayReflections

Carve Out a Little “Me Time!” #TheDailyPost

I read a popular post on FB last night (or this morning, I can’t remember) and it truly touched me. It was a dying woman’s letter to the world. Here is the link, if you are interested: This post made me wonder how we live our lives. We are running behind our careers, relationships, money, promotion, kids among million other things. We are obsessing over every little thing in our lives, all the while knowing that we have no control over anything. However, when it comes to devoting a little time to our own welfare or amusement, we take a … Continue reading Carve Out a Little “Me Time!” #TheDailyPost