Week.4.Fourth Session Of Learning French

Aujourd’hui nous allons apprendre plus de verbes, leur utilisation, les pronoms, la formation de phrase dans le futur et l’utilisation de deux verbes en une seule phrase. (Today, we are going to learn more verbs, their usage, pronouns, sentence formation in the future tense, and usage of two verbs in one sentence.) Alors, commençons! (So, let’s get started!) Les Verbes Pour Votre Apprentissage Ci-dessous sont les verbes d’aujourd’hui. Ces sont très importants. Faire  (do) Venir (come) Aller (go) Vouloir (want) Pouvoir (can) Savoir (know) Devoir (know) Aimer (Like) Je fais viens vais veux peux sais dois J’aime Tu fais viens vas veux peux sais dois aimes … Continue reading Week.4.Fourth Session Of Learning French

Week.3.Third Session Of Learning French

As always, the agenda of today’s session is not cramped up with loads of information. We would start with learning how to ask questions, learn a few new verbs and usage of different articles. So, let’s get started 🙂 Posez-Des Questions en Français Quel est le prénom de votre professeur? (What is the first name of your teacher?) Quelle est la capitale de la France? (What is the capital of France?) Vous aimez ce musée? Ou Est-ce que vous aimez ce musée? (Do you like this museum?) Où est ta maison? (Where is your home?) Qu’est-ce que c’est? (What is this?) Qui est-ce? … Continue reading Week.3.Third Session Of Learning French

Week.2.Second Session Of Learning French

Let’s begin by a revision of the previous session. Répondez à ces questions (Answer these questions): Comment vous appelez-vous? Où habitez-vous? Tu es écrivain(e)? Complétez ci-dessous: Nom – Prénom – Profession – Nationalité – Adresse – Les résponses:  Je m’appelle Ankita. J’habite à New Delhi en Inde. Oui, je suis écrivaine, mais je suis ingénieur aussi. Mon information est: SHUKLA Ankita Ingénieur Indienne Malviya Nagar, Delhi Il y a dex verbes: Connaître et Comprendre. (There are two verbs: Connaître et Comprendre.) Qu’est-ce que c’est la difference entre les deux? (What is the difference between the two?) Notez la difference entre les deux verbes en lisant ces … Continue reading Week.2.Second Session Of Learning French

Week.1.Basic Introduction to French Language

I believe in learning with a community of learners; therefore, I have started these weekly posts about french language. Whatever I’ll learn in one week, I’ll share with my gracious readers. If you have any suggestion — or correction, for that matter — feel free to share in the comments section. We shall start from the basics and, hopefully, learn it all. I am looking for an option to record the voice clip, store it in a website and share the link to help with the pronunciation, but that is a work in progress. If you know a free website, which … Continue reading Week.1.Basic Introduction to French Language

My Journey in Learning a New Language

Bonjour Bloggers & Readers, Let me start by saying that I have loved every moment of learning french language. This journey still continues and I have never felt more excited for anything. It is a spectacular language. Everything about it is very sophisticated and elegant. Its accents, prononciation of words and the rhythm in which its spoken. Well, I am not doing anything unique by learning a new language. We all have learned one language minimum. Since the day we were born, we were thrown into the world of words. We were applauded when we spoke our first word. We … Continue reading My Journey in Learning a New Language