Movie Review – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll would not be happy to see the entire plot of his book changed in the movie with the same name. If you have watched the first part of the movie and read the book, then you must be aware of how Alice-movies roll. The plot is changed and only the dreaming habit of Alice is kept intact. The hatter was in a gloomy mood for more than half of the movie. The plot goes like this: Alice has become the captain of her father’s ship. She has been traveling for a long time, but when she returns, she … Continue reading Movie Review – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Against All Odds, I Have Become a Cheerleader of the Game Of Thrones Saga!

We are living in the age of Game of Thrones saga. I had been hearing the praises of GOT from all directions, and I did not like feeling left out. So, I decided to give this series a try. At the time, Star World was broadcasting the third season of GOT. I thought that there cannot be any harm in watching it. I was absolutely lost. The complicated names and a long list of characters confused me, terribly. I couldn’t segregate evil from the good and did not know whether all the characters were entwined with one another or not. Jon Snow, … Continue reading Against All Odds, I Have Become a Cheerleader of the Game Of Thrones Saga!

Tricky Business of Overalls!

  Tricky Business of Overalls! by stylish-by-heart featuring leather watches Sexy jumpsuit 990 INR – Gianvito Rossi high heel shoes 31,600 INR – Salvatore Ferragamo hand bag 134,510 INR – Crayo leather watch 13,485 INR – BillyTheTree sterling silver jewelry 4,310 INR – Bling Jewelry silver earrings 1,215 INR – Calypso Private Label fedora hat 11,800 INR – Revo sunglasses 605 INR – Revlon lip makeup 465 INR – Continue reading Tricky Business of Overalls!

Color Play!

  Color Play! by stylish-by-heart featuring vintage jewelry Skater dress 1,755 INR – Yellow shoes 4,390 INR – Givenchy hand bag 65,565 INR – Sweet & Co. crystal earrings 1,815 INR – Red necklace 540 INR – Van Cleef Arpels vintage jewelry Hypoallergenic nail polish 540 INR – Continue reading Color Play!

Law of Colors!

  Law of Colors! by stylish-by-heart featuring stainless steel watches Alexander Wang cotton shirt 40,145 INR – Pinup skirt 2,675 INR – Gucci high heel pumps 41,615 INR – Henri Bendel color block handbag 28,665 INR – Pomellato ring 148,830 INR – Marni earrings jewelry 34,270 INR – I Love Ugly stainless steel watch 6,800 INR – Tech accessory 2,840 INR – Mac cosmetic 1,070 INR – Eye makeup 990 INR – Continue reading Law of Colors!

Bossy Pants!

  Bossy Pants! by stylish-by-heart featuring Miss Selfridge Raey camisole top 10,180 INR – J Crew wool jacket 4,720 INR – Miss Selfridge pants 3,080 INR – Christian Louboutin sexy shoes 45,215 INR – Prada leather tote 140,670 INR – Nautical jewelry 11,725 INR – Continue reading Bossy Pants!

Takeaway From the Movie Whiplash

On the recommendation of my colleague and friend, Adivya, I decided to watch the movie, Whiplash. I love the movies that are based on music, passion, and dancing. I loved the movies, August Rush, and Another Cinderella Story, due to this reason only. From the first scene, I was hooked to Whiplash. The passion and dedication of the jazz teacher, Fletcher, has set an unachievable bar for the students. He is a perfectionist to the extent that scares not only his students but also the audience of the movie. His tantrums and methods of injecting musical excellence into his students … Continue reading Takeaway From the Movie Whiplash

My Vision of a Bewitching Wardrobe

My previous blog in Fashion & Me category shed some light into my wardrobe sobfest. I have been possessed with the idea of giving my wardrobe a much-needed makeover. After many sleepless nights — of course, it’s an exaggeration — I decided to take the matter in my hands. I wrote down what I knew and what I did not know. I know I have a pear shaped body, and thankfully, I have some inherent sense of style. However, I do not wish to change my wardrobe based on my “sense of style,” so I sat down to do some research on  how to dress … Continue reading My Vision of a Bewitching Wardrobe