About Me

Hello Readers,

I am Ankita from New Delhi, India. By profession, I am a software engineer. However, writing makes me feel alive. Words are my companions, and I intend to keep these friends with me for life.

Being an eternal reader, I dedicate this blog to review the books that capture my interest. I write book reviews for onlinebookclub.org, booklookbloggers.com, and readersfavorite.com. Moreover, I receive free copies from authors in exchange for an honest review. Occasionally, I pour my heart out about other aspects of life, as well. Other than these, I write for Blogher.com and Sheknows.com.I have a wide range of interests, and I write about tv series, movies, social issues, and fashion. The new addition to this blog is going to be about the French language. I have studied this language for about a year, and now, I would like to continue this journey on my own. I would share my learning with the readers, and, perhaps, they would find the posts worthy of their time. Call me a chameleon, but I am going to try my hand at writing fiction, too. Monotonicity bores me, so I have developed many interests. Let’s see which one turns out to be my favorite one.

This blog gives me an opportunity to rekindle my passion for reading and writing every day. I welcome constructive criticism from my readers and followers.

Feel free to connect with me, if you wish to talk about the content of my website.


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